Sunday, 16 February 2014

Parachute Fun - Team Building

We have spent a bit of time over the past few weeks playing games geared towards getting to know each other. We have be focussing on working together as a team while showing respect for our classmates. Last Friday we took the large parachute outside for a bit of fun. We had to listen carefully to instructions, play fair and treat the equipment in a responsible way. What a great time we had! Check out the photos below. Several children also wrote captions to match their photo:

"The wind was strong. We held on very tight!" - Ashton
"I like parachuting out of the air!" - Elisa
"I am holding up the tent and getting ready to go under" - Callum
"I am lifting the parachute over my head. The wind was pretty strong" - Spencer
"It was really fun going in the parachute" - Mariya 
"I liked the parachute because we got to make it into shapes like a giant balloon" - Jaime

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