Friday, 7 February 2014

Reremoana's Best Bakers!

Today I bought in one of my favourite childhood books - The Witch in the Cherry Tree, by Margaret Mahy. As a child I always sought this book out at our school library. I loved Margaret Mahy's clever way of using words, the funny illustrations of a witch swinging her black boots from the top branches of a cherry tree, but most of all I loved the recipe for Gingerbread Witches hidden on the back page.

As I read the book aloud to our class of eager learners, I was very excited to see that they loved this New Zealand classic just as much as I did at their age. Of course we couldn't read this particular book without also making Gingerbread Witches! Check out the pictures below.

You may have noticed our Gingerbread "witches" didn't quite turn out the way they were supposed to. We seem to have ended up with gingerbread "blobs" instead!


  1. That looks like some very yummy learning Room 15 - the best kind!

  2. What a cool teacher you have Room 15! I love this kind of learning.

  3. That is a good story!

  4. Those cookies were not good!

    1. Haha I have to agree Elisa...they were very gross! They were fun to make though. Lucky Mrs Gregory had cupcakes to share with us that day :)