Thursday, 27 March 2014

Celebration Term 1 Week 8

Great job, Room 15! I think all of the teachers and parents would agree - you did a wonderful job at Celebration today. I'm sure everyone loved listening to us sing "Don't Give Up" by Bruno Mars, and you were so clear when counting to 10 in different languages. Congratulations to our experts who taught us each of the languages:

  • Kayne - "French Expert"
  • Jocelyn - "Spanish Expert"
  • Ashton - "Cambodian Expert"
  • Rahzel - "Maori Expert"
  • Jed - "Samoan Expert"

Miss Chalmers managed to get a few photos...

Weren't our presenters fabulous??
Getting ready for our 15 minutes of fame :)

The Cambodian group
The Samoan group
Jocelyn, who was so brave counting by herself
The Maori group
The French group

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Homefun and Celebration Update Week 8


Please excuse your child (and their teacher!) this week if they haven't had a new reading book each night. I was away on Tuesday and we have been busy ever since practising for Celebration on Friday. Our normal homefun/reader routines will continue next week.

On that note, I hope to see many of your faces in the hall on Friday afternoon at 2.30pm. We will be singing a song with Room 11 and also reciting numbers to 10 in five different languages!

Thank you for your support,
Helen Chalmers

Monday, 24 March 2014

Look Who's Been Spotted! - Gala Snaps

Miss Chalmers spotted a few Room 15 families at Gala on Saturday. Were you there?

Well done to Alex, who won the Year 2 "Radical Robot" competition!
Note: all families have given permission for their photo to be posted on our blog

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Gala Art - Radical Robots

One of our favourite parts of Gala was the art competition. Year 2 students were given the task of making "radical robots" using cardboard boxes, paper mache and paint. The videos below show a few photos of the process as well as the final products. This was our success criteria. How do you think we did??

I have...
  • made a robot with boxes
  • made a robot no taller than the table
  • covered the box with paper and paste
  • painted the surface of my robot leaving no white spaces
  • added detail to my robot with a range of shapes
  • used materials from home to decorate my robot

Check out our robots! Just for fun, here is a photo of Miss Chalmers when she was a little girl with her "Radical Robot"!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Should Children Choose Their Own Bed Time? - Persuasive Writing

In Room 15 we are continuing our focus on persuasive writing. We have been learning how to persuade the audience of our opinion by giving reasons to back up our ideas. Last week we wrote about whether or not we thought children should be allowed to choose their own bed time. What do you think about Kyra, Spencer and Rahzel's writing? They're pretty convincing! Who do you agree with?

WALHT use our plan to write a structured argument 
I can look at my plan to remind me what my argument is
I can use my plan to write three clear reasons for my opinions
I can include the key words in my plan in my writing

WALHT persuade the reader of our opinions on a topic
I can give a reason for my argument
I can express my opinion/feelings and give a reason to support my opinion
I can make a simple argument
I know who my audience is

Our publishing of this piece is now displayed on our class writing wall. Why not pop by to check it out?

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Cyclone Lusi hits New Zealand by Elisa P

Cyclone Lusi hit new Zealand in the weekend. It souned like owls and dogs outside of my  house. Cyclone Lusi has the strongest winds and the most heaviest rain. The eye is in the middle of the cyclone. It is the strongest part of the storm. The cyclones the strongest over the water. When it gets closer to land it gets less powerful.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Ice Cream Please! - Persuasive Writing

For the past two weeks Room 15 has been learning how to write a persuasive argument. We have been learning how to plan our writing, structure a persuasive piece, and write over an extended period (two days).

Last week Miss Chalmers presented us with a challenge. If we could persuade her of the best flavour ice cream we could have an ice cream party in class! We started off by planning our argument. We decided on an opening statement (our opinion) and 2-3 reasons to back up our opinion. We planned our argument using pictures and key words (we learnt that key words would remind us what to write when we referred back to our planning the next day). By referring back to our picture planning and key words, we were able to keep our writing clear and well-structured.

We spent two days (three including the publishing) writing this persuasive piece. By writing over an extended period of time we could add more detail and spend more time focussing on appropriate word choices and sentence starters. Some of our writing groups used this chart to help:
Miss Chalmers decided our arguments were pretty convincing! She chose the most popular flavour (Cookies and Cream) for us to have at our ice cream party. Check out the collage of photos below. Yum!! (The photos of our writing aren't the best - why not pop into class to see our wall display?)