Thursday, 27 March 2014

Celebration Term 1 Week 8

Great job, Room 15! I think all of the teachers and parents would agree - you did a wonderful job at Celebration today. I'm sure everyone loved listening to us sing "Don't Give Up" by Bruno Mars, and you were so clear when counting to 10 in different languages. Congratulations to our experts who taught us each of the languages:

  • Kayne - "French Expert"
  • Jocelyn - "Spanish Expert"
  • Ashton - "Cambodian Expert"
  • Rahzel - "Maori Expert"
  • Jed - "Samoan Expert"

Miss Chalmers managed to get a few photos...

Weren't our presenters fabulous??
Getting ready for our 15 minutes of fame :)

The Cambodian group
The Samoan group
Jocelyn, who was so brave counting by herself
The Maori group
The French group


  1. knock knock

    whos there?


    april who?

    April fools day haha!

  2. Yes Miss Chalmers our presenters were very good. A big well done to our experts.