Monday, 17 March 2014

Should Children Choose Their Own Bed Time? - Persuasive Writing

In Room 15 we are continuing our focus on persuasive writing. We have been learning how to persuade the audience of our opinion by giving reasons to back up our ideas. Last week we wrote about whether or not we thought children should be allowed to choose their own bed time. What do you think about Kyra, Spencer and Rahzel's writing? They're pretty convincing! Who do you agree with?

WALHT use our plan to write a structured argument 
I can look at my plan to remind me what my argument is
I can use my plan to write three clear reasons for my opinions
I can include the key words in my plan in my writing

WALHT persuade the reader of our opinions on a topic
I can give a reason for my argument
I can express my opinion/feelings and give a reason to support my opinion
I can make a simple argument
I know who my audience is

Our publishing of this piece is now displayed on our class writing wall. Why not pop by to check it out?


  1. Kyra I think that is very sensidie idea.

    1. I thought the same thing too Jaime - very sensible!
      p.s - I think you must be good at typing too, just like Elisa :)

  2. Wow, Rahzel it is nice to see you care about other people!

  3. I think Kyra is brilliant and should pass her knowledge on to some other children in her clas (not naming any names)