Thursday, 17 April 2014

Congratulations Keira, Jaime and Samantha!

Well done to the three girls from Room 15 who were presented with Leadership Certificates from Miss Harland. These were in recognition of always doing good because good is good to do. These were extra special certificates because only seven were handed out across the whole school. Miss Harland was so sneaky, not even Miss Chalmers knew anything about them!

Miss Harland and the management team are always on the look out for children who make good choices and look after each other. In Room 15 we always talk about being the best person we can be and ways we can be good citizens of Reremoana School. Hopefully Miss Harland will visit us again in Term 2 with more certificates for our wonderful students :)

Way to go girls. (Keira was absent but also received a certificate).


  1. Great to see this blog post on here Miss Chalmers! This was a very special moment and how wonderful that the first certificates went out to to students in Room 15 and Room 12. You must have been super proud!

  2. Well done girls, super proud of all three of you!

  3. Well done Sam a kind girl.