Sunday, 13 April 2014

Geometry - Weeks 10 and 11

Last week we began our Geometry Unit. So far we have learnt about a range of 2D shapes and begun to touch on some 3D shapes too. You may have seen our Angry Birds on display in our classroom window. We know some pretty sophisticated shapes now!

We also made a big book to share with some of the other classes in the Pukeko and Kiwi teams. We got our creative juices flowing and designed new pictures using different shapes. Check out the video below:

We have watched many videos on Youtube to help us learn about these shapes. We are also learning new vocabulary such as "parallel", "angles", "corners", "sides", "parallelogram" and "quadrilateral". The youtube video below helped us to understand these concepts a bit better (the funny voices helped to keep us engaged!)

In Week 11 we will be focussing on 3D shapes and nets. Stayed tuned for a blog post :)

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