Thursday, 17 April 2014


On Thursday afternoon, the very last block of the term, we had our Reremoana School Technology Expo. The children in Room 15 were very excited to share our mosaic art with our visitors. The final products were beautiful and something I am sure families will cherish for many years.

In Room 15 we have been learning about Inquiry through Technology. We went through the whole inquiry process, which at Reremoana School, looks something like this:

Pukeko Team Inquiry Question: 
"How can we improve our school environment?"

First we wondered about problems we had encountered in our school environment and possible solutions. You can see from the charts below that the problems were very relevant to the children's needs as they see it :)

We decided on creating mosaic art to brighten up our school grounds. The children were so excited to learn this new technique. We even had a few experts in the class who been exposed to mosaic art before.

Next we researched lots of different mosaic designs. We were restricted by a few rules (next time we might learn that these "rules" are actually called specifications).

  • We could only use 60 tiles each (at most)
  • We only had five colours available to use
  • We needed to leave gaps between the tiles in our design for the grout to settle
  • Our overall piece needed to measure 15x15cm

In the final stages of our technology unit we got to practise the mosaic techniques we had been learning about. First we made paper mosaic art in the shape of our first initial. It was very tricky to fit the "tiles" together, remembering to leave gaps! The next day we created designs for what our real mosaic piece would look like. We needed to remember to stick to the "rules" above. After much suspense and anticipation, Week 11 finally arrived and we got to make our final product. See the photos below:

Parents: if you didn't get to see us at the Technology Expo, please be sure to check out the classroom display that will be up at the beginning of Term 2.

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