Monday, 26 May 2014

Addition and Multiplication Strategies - The Triangles

The Triangles did something really exciting in math group today - we used an app called "Showme" to demonstrate different addition and multiplication strategies.

Keira, Elisa, Ashton, Spencer, Jaime and Sophie show how they can solve addition equations using the following strategies:
  • Rounding and Compensating Strategy - makes a calculation easier by rounding a number in the problem to a tidy number and then compensating by adding and/or subtracting the amount the number was rounded by.
  • The Place Value Strategy - partitioning numbers using place value (hundreds, tens, ones)
Samantha demonstrates how to solve multiplication equations by making equal groups of objects.

It's taken us a few weeks to get to this stage - whenever we learn a new strategy we always get the math equipment back out - place value blocks, popsicle sticks, number charts, counters. That way we really understand what we are doing when we manipulate the numbers. 

We were all a bit nervous about recording ourselves today (including Miss Chalmers!) so please be sure to leave an encouraging comment below :)


  1. What a fantastic App, Miss Chalmers! I was great to see and hear what the R15 students are thinking and doing as they strategise in maths.

  2. That's smart Elisa! how'd you do that . 100% clever. By jaime

  3. Wow, this was amazing to watch and listen to. I really liked that I could hear you and see you writing the equation out!

    Well done everyone, you did not sound nervous at all.

    Mrs Gregory.

  4. Well done Elisa and Keira! You make it look so easy!

  5. Wow - great to see the different strategies you used Sophie and Jamie. Great to see how easy, quickly and clearly you answered Sophie. Good work girls. Bronwyn Guy

  6. WOW! trangiles that was grate maths 100% ASOME!. cep the good worke up girls and boys.***

  7. This is fantastic learning Triangles! Jaime and Sophie you are very clever mathematicians.