Monday, 12 May 2014

Homefun - Week 2, Term 2

Ka pai to those children who completed their writing task last week using the shark picture prompt. I loved reading your creative stories, and it's great to see most of you using some of the writing features and conventions we talk about in class.

A special well done to Samantha and Elisa who wrote their stories out as a comment on the last blog post - great work girls!

You have TWO WEEKS for this next writing task - choose one famous person who you admire to write an information report about them. This could be a celebrity, a sports person, a member of your community - you decide!

These don't have to be big huge reports. You make it as detailed as you want to. You might like to set your information report out like this:

1. Title

2. When was your person born?

3. Why is your person important or well-known?

4. Write 2-3 facts about your person

5. Closing sentence

Hint: your parents might be able to help you google "biography reports" if you want some more ideas about how to set out your information report.

For "extra bonus points" why not publish your writing for display in the classroom? Or on the blog for our visitors to read? You can do this by clicking on the comment button below this post.

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