Monday, 30 June 2014

Room 15 @ Swimming

Room 15 really enjoyed participating in seven weeks of Swimming Lessons, thanks to the Field of Dreams programme. The children learnt new skills and further developed their water confidence. Below is a video from our last session in Week 7 (better late than never!).

Thank you also to all the parents who came along to make up numbers for supervision.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Room 15 Student Leaders

Introducing....Room 15's Student Leaders for Term 3, 2014!

Girl Student Leader: Keelyn

Boy Student Leader: Riley

Today was a very important day in Room 15. We elected two leaders from our class to join the Student Council. Before we voted we discussed the qualities of a good leader. We spoke about being kind and caring, being respectful and looking after others. We also said that a leader must be confident sharing their ideas. They must be good at listening. We spoke about the importance of choosing the right person for the job, not just our friends. We each got to write four names on a piece of paper, two boys and two girls, to put into a secret box. Miss Chalmers counted up the votes and announced our two leaders for next term.

This is a very exciting job for our two children, as they will be meeting with Miss Harland and the rest of the student leaders to discuss important things about our school.

Monday, 23 June 2014

The Triangles Math Group - optional homework :)

Today in our math group The Triangles spent a long time trying to solve a problem for Miss Chalmers. Miss Chalmers is organising the Kiwi and Pukeko tiles project. She asked us to think of ways we could arrange the tiles for display on the wall. We had to use our knowledge of multiplication and equal groups to come up with an answer. Here is a photo of our working out:

First we had to work out how many children had made a tile. We know that there are six classes in the Pukeko and Kiwi teams with approximately 22 children in each. We wrote out the equation 6x22. We were very clever and decided it would be easier to break the equation up into parts. First we solved 6x20, and then added 6x2. This worked out to be 120+12, so 132 in total.

We decided that about 100 of those children would have made a tile. Then we remembered that each child made TWO tiles! So our equation now became 100x2 = so 200 tiles all together.

How could we arrange two hundred tiles on a big piece of wood?

We decided one way would be to have 20 rows with 10 tiles in each row. That would make 200 tiles! We drew it all out to check that we were right. It worked!

One problem though: we thought that maybe there were too many rows - how would the tiles fit on the wall? We might need to come up with another solution.

If you get the chance, Triangles Group, perhaps you could think of another way to arrange the tiles for homework. Maybe you could put more tiles in each row? Or perhaps you could spread the tiles out over two planks of wood?

Book bags and Homefun

As said in this week's home fun, thank you to all those children who bring their book bags every day, and return their Homefun books each Friday. Unfortunately, there are a large number of children in Room 15 who are not bringing their book bags to school regularly. This makes it very tricky for me to ensure everyone receives homework and reading books.

We are learning how to be responsible for our own belongings. 

This week we are learning about looking after our own belongings. That means we need to make sure our book bags are packed and ready to come to school each day. We also need to remember to hand in our Homefun books every Friday.

(thank you parents for your support in this)

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Rockstar Reader Hayley

Clever Hayley was very brave and read one of her favourite books to the class. She entertained us with the classic story "Green Eggs and Ham".

Ka pai Hayley!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Dylan the Mathematician

Wow! Check out the awesome math Dylan has been doing! Miss Chalmers asked Dylan to recite his doubles facts. Dylan then used his knowledge of place value to work out these SUPER TRICKY doubles facts...Miss Chalmers only helped on the very last one. 

Celebration, Term 2, Week 6

Well done Room 15, you looked wonderful at the Pukeko Team Celebration last week.

Our Koru Art is now on display in the classroom.

And for those who missed us...

Here's the link to the "One Day a Taniwha" song, where you can add a photo of yourself to the video clip :) 

Poppet Stars - One Day a Taniwha

Visit to the Post Box

As the new principal at our school, Miss Harland is big on letting student voices be heard. She gave every child in the school to opportunity to write her a letter explaining what changes they would like to see occur at Reremoana School. She said she will personally read each letter, consider all the options and report back to the school at one of our upcoming assemblies.

Room 15 was so excited! We spent all week drafting our letters. 

We were learning how to:
- Set out a letter
- Use persuasive language
- Expand on our ideas (by explaining what we mean, and adding more detail)

We had so many ideas it was hard to choose which ones we were going to write about. Everyone chose 2-3 ideas that they thought were important. Below is one group's brainstorm:

We wanted to make the very most out of this learning experience, so we decided to trip it down to the local post box. Many children hadn't posted "old-fashioned" letters before! Check out the video below:

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Homefun, Week 7, Term 2

Miss Chalmers' story using five of the "sound words" (onomatopoeia) listed in this week's home fun sheet:

An Unlucky Day

Kerchoo! Yikes, that was a big sneeze. I could feel another one coming on so I covered my face with my hands...thud! Oh man, I really should have looked where I was going. I walked straight into a pole! Shame! I hope no-one saw me. Oh well, I'll just get my morning tea, and hope no-one noticed. I grabbed the strawberry sucky yoghurt from my bag. Crinkle, crinkle. I tried desperately, but I couldn't open the packet. I pulled it, ripped it, tore it with my teeth. Oh no, the sides split open and pink yoghurt oozed from the seams. What a terribly unlucky day!

Links to "Time" Websites:

Telling the Time Games

More Telling the Time Games!

What Time Is It?

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Room 15 Needs You!

Room 15 needs your help. We would really, really, really appreciate the help of any parents who are available on Wednesday 18th June from 9.30-10.30am to assist with making our ceramic tiles. If you can help us (or any other class!) please return the form below as soon as possible. 

Homefun - Week 6, Term 2

Here are the links to this week's homefun tasks:


Letters and Sounds - Short and long e:
Remember, the short e sounds like "egg" and "hen"
The long e says it's name and sounds like "eagle" and "cream"


Monday, 2 June 2014

Homefun - Week 5, Term 2

Unfortunately the whole school has experienced printing difficulties today. Nothing would print...including homefun! Here is the homefun sheet for this week. Your child has also written it into their homefun books. Basic fact sheets have been glued in too. 

Kind regards,

Reremoana's Best Bakers (Part 2)

Room 15 decided to take two with baking at school... If you missed our last post, follow this link to read about our attempt at making Gingerbread Witches from Margaret Mahy's "The Witch in the Cherry Tree".

Reremoana's Best Bakers

On Friday, Miss Chalmers told us about a classic dessert that has been made for generations in her family. Lots of children in Room 15 hadn't heard of Cream Horns! They were simple to make and tasted delicious.

Learning to cook is a great opportunity for children. Here's just a few of the reasons why:
  • We learnt how to measure ingredients and follow a recipe 
  • We practised our division and fraction skills (by dividing the pastry up into six parts)
  • We had to listen carefully to instructions
  • We practised team work by helping others with the cream
Check out the two videos below: