Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Celebration, Term 2, Week 6

Well done Room 15, you looked wonderful at the Pukeko Team Celebration last week.

Our Koru Art is now on display in the classroom.

And for those who missed us...

Here's the link to the "One Day a Taniwha" song, where you can add a photo of yourself to the video clip :) 

Poppet Stars - One Day a Taniwha


  1. What a lot of talented children there are at Reremoanna School and very nice as a working Dad to be able to view the Celebration Highlights.

    1. We sure do have clever children! Thank you for your nice feedback - it was my first time making a video, so it's great to hear that it's being enjoyed :)

  2. Well done Room 15, your art work is stunning! I really enjoyed the video, I could see you and hear you!

    Mrs Gregory