Sunday, 8 June 2014

Homefun - Week 6, Term 2

Here are the links to this week's homefun tasks:


Letters and Sounds - Short and long e:
Remember, the short e sounds like "egg" and "hen"
The long e says it's name and sounds like "eagle" and "cream"


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  1. A Giant Bat who Digs for Gold

    Once upon a time a crazy, hilarious, giant bat was sitting in his chair near the tv, watching tv. The next day this kid named Bart went in a scary, dark cave. He was trying to find a big shiny gold. "Yay!" said Bart. "I found a big shiny gold!". Bart went home to ask his mum if he can sleep in that cave. Bart said "Muuuum, can I sleep in that cave?" and then his mum said "Yes, darling, you can". The next day, the giant bat went in that cave like Bart did and he was trying to find a shiny diamond. "Huuurray, I found a diamond!" said the giant bat. "I'm going to go home now and ask my mum if I can share it at school" said the giant bat. "Aaaaaaah" said Bart. "There's a giant baaaat!". The bat said "mum can I share my shiny diamond". "Yes you can" said mum. "That bat is mean to me" said Bart. And Bart and the giant bat shared their gold and diamond. They were super brave!
    By Ashton