Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Homefun, Week 7, Term 2

Miss Chalmers' story using five of the "sound words" (onomatopoeia) listed in this week's home fun sheet:

An Unlucky Day

Kerchoo! Yikes, that was a big sneeze. I could feel another one coming on so I covered my face with my hands...thud! Oh man, I really should have looked where I was going. I walked straight into a pole! Shame! I hope no-one saw me. Oh well, I'll just get my morning tea, and hope no-one noticed. I grabbed the strawberry sucky yoghurt from my bag. Crinkle, crinkle. I tried desperately, but I couldn't open the packet. I pulled it, ripped it, tore it with my teeth. Oh no, the sides split open and pink yoghurt oozed from the seams. What a terribly unlucky day!

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1 comment:

  1. kerchoo someone sneezed thud it sounds like some people are up stairs, there munching up there last few chips and crinkling up there packet.Red slime was also oozing from the wall.yikes! there coming down the stairs it's it's it's the ALL BLAKS! They gave me their autograph!!!