Monday, 2 June 2014

Reremoana's Best Bakers (Part 2)

Room 15 decided to take two with baking at school... If you missed our last post, follow this link to read about our attempt at making Gingerbread Witches from Margaret Mahy's "The Witch in the Cherry Tree".

Reremoana's Best Bakers

On Friday, Miss Chalmers told us about a classic dessert that has been made for generations in her family. Lots of children in Room 15 hadn't heard of Cream Horns! They were simple to make and tasted delicious.

Learning to cook is a great opportunity for children. Here's just a few of the reasons why:
  • We learnt how to measure ingredients and follow a recipe 
  • We practised our division and fraction skills (by dividing the pastry up into six parts)
  • We had to listen carefully to instructions
  • We practised team work by helping others with the cream
Check out the two videos below:


  1. Mmm! That was yummy.
    We made cream horns. First of all we wrapped pastry around a metal cone shape.Next we put them in the oven.After that we put jam in the cone.Last but not least we put cream in the cone.Finally we ate it chomp!!!

  2. WOW! Room 15 those videos where amazing. From Sophie!

  3. Mmm! that look yummy room15.from Jaime.

  4. Those look 'yum', I LOVE cream horns.

  5. those look yum i defiantly LOVE! cream horns i hop we do it ageing soon