Monday, 23 June 2014

The Triangles Math Group - optional homework :)

Today in our math group The Triangles spent a long time trying to solve a problem for Miss Chalmers. Miss Chalmers is organising the Kiwi and Pukeko tiles project. She asked us to think of ways we could arrange the tiles for display on the wall. We had to use our knowledge of multiplication and equal groups to come up with an answer. Here is a photo of our working out:

First we had to work out how many children had made a tile. We know that there are six classes in the Pukeko and Kiwi teams with approximately 22 children in each. We wrote out the equation 6x22. We were very clever and decided it would be easier to break the equation up into parts. First we solved 6x20, and then added 6x2. This worked out to be 120+12, so 132 in total.

We decided that about 100 of those children would have made a tile. Then we remembered that each child made TWO tiles! So our equation now became 100x2 = so 200 tiles all together.

How could we arrange two hundred tiles on a big piece of wood?

We decided one way would be to have 20 rows with 10 tiles in each row. That would make 200 tiles! We drew it all out to check that we were right. It worked!

One problem though: we thought that maybe there were too many rows - how would the tiles fit on the wall? We might need to come up with another solution.

If you get the chance, Triangles Group, perhaps you could think of another way to arrange the tiles for homework. Maybe you could put more tiles in each row? Or perhaps you could spread the tiles out over two planks of wood?

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