Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Visit to the Post Box

As the new principal at our school, Miss Harland is big on letting student voices be heard. She gave every child in the school to opportunity to write her a letter explaining what changes they would like to see occur at Reremoana School. She said she will personally read each letter, consider all the options and report back to the school at one of our upcoming assemblies.

Room 15 was so excited! We spent all week drafting our letters. 

We were learning how to:
- Set out a letter
- Use persuasive language
- Expand on our ideas (by explaining what we mean, and adding more detail)

We had so many ideas it was hard to choose which ones we were going to write about. Everyone chose 2-3 ideas that they thought were important. Below is one group's brainstorm:

We wanted to make the very most out of this learning experience, so we decided to trip it down to the local post box. Many children hadn't posted "old-fashioned" letters before! Check out the video below:


  1. I think those are GREAT ideas Room 15! I like all of them, and I think Mrs Harland will be very impressed with how well thought out your ideas are. I look forward to seeing some or all of them implemented. :)

  2. :) walking to the mailbox was fun!!!