Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Our Trip to the Botanical Gardens

This term for Science the Pukeko Team has been learning about the living world. We have been focussing on plants, in particular. In class we have been learning about the parts and life cycle of different plants.We have planted seeds which are slowly growing (very slowly!). As part of our Science  Inquiry we went to the Botanical Gardens. Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) provides children with hands-on access to learning experiences that are not available inside the classroom. We had a great time at the gardens...maybe we can do some gardening at home over the holidays?

"Yesterday the Pukeko team went to the Botanical Gardens. We saw a lot of beautiful plants like roses, daises and sunflowers. We also went to the kids area and there was a jungle to explore. We learnt about the parts of a plant. We saw a guide dog called Rolley. The teacher was training him." - by Keelyn, Samantha and Ashton


  1. I don't know where my last comment went! I was saying what a fun learning day it looks like!

  2. cool! room 15! that looks fun