Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Social Studies: Our Culture

Many children in Room 15 have brought in special items to share about their culture. The children have been so excited to share a small part of their family with the rest of our class. Some of the children thought that they didn't have a culture because they are "just Kiwis". This has been a really profound and meaningful topic this term, as each child learns that everyone has "a culture". That doesn't necessarily mean they have to come from another country or speak another language. We have been learning about how every family is unique with special values, traditions and history. 

Below are the children who shared their "cultural item" last Friday:

Children - it's not too late to bring something to share into school! What could you bring to school that is special to you and your family?

 Ashton's Culture

"This is a Cambodian statue. My grandma got it from her temple in Cambodia.  I like this statue because of the picture on it. Before, I used to go to the Temple in Auckland with my Grandma and big brother. Sometimes we get to eat on the floor just like 'grandma used to'."

 Elisa's Culture

"My whole family who live in my house were all born in New Zealand. My mum's family come from Scotland. I am very lucky as I have two tartans. The tartan from the Clan Mcleod and the Clan McDonald.  Every year in January my family go camping in Orua Bay, we usually stay for two weeks. We go swimming, play at the playground and get lollies.   My mum, my sister and I go to church on Sundays. I like the songs.  My Nana and Poppa live in the South Island. My mum's mum and dad live in Hamilton. Every second year we have Christmas in Hamilton. This year we are going to the South Island for Christmas!"

 Hayley's Culture

"My family and I come from Christchurch. We moved to Auckland because of the Earthquakes, and now it has stopped.  Both sets of my grandparents live in Christchurch.  Last year we went back to Christchurch for Christmas and my grandparents came up to Auckland in the holidays.  Every Sunday we have a roast for dinner.  The Rocking Horse is from our Christmas tree. I like Christmas." 

 Jed's Culture

"My mum was born in Samoa and my dad was born in New Zealand. My aunty and uncle were born in New Zealand as well.  Nanna Bonney and Aunty Tina and Mama were born in Samoa  This bowl is called a 'Samoan Bowl' or Tanoa.  We make 'Kava' in the bowl which is made from Coconut. Coconuts are hard on the outside and soft in the middle.  My family says a prayer before we eat. Sometimes I eat 'Taro'.  I can also speak Samoan. My mum, my uncle and my cousin speak Samoan at home.  I went to Samoa when I was 4 and 6. At the beach house there were 8 dogs and 9 cats, they were everywhere!  My mum wears one flower in her hair."

 Dylan's Culture

"My family are New Zealanders. My dad's mum (Grandma) is American and my mum's dad (Grand dad) was born in Ireland.  In our house we celebrate birthdays and Christmas.  I have a big dinner with    all my family. We have steak.  We all celebrate the 'All Blacks' when they play. My whole family come over and we watch them. When it is my birthday I open my presents when everyone is there. We also get to decide what we are going to do for our birthday."

 Keira's Culture

"I brought in two special blankets. This blanket was made by my Nana and the white blanket was made by my great, great grandmother.  They are special to me and my family because I do crafting with my mum.  Crafting is in our Culture. We love crafting. We celebrate birthdays and Christmas.  My mummy usually goes to all the Craft Fair Markets - I am her little helper.  I get to go with my Dad and my brother and we go and see my dad's mum and dad in Te Aroha.  When we are at Gran and Granddad's, Gran makes us a special drink."

 Callum's Culture

"I was born in England where the Queen lives. My dad was born in Ireland and my mum was born in New Zealand.  On ANZAC day we think about my great grandfather who was in World War II.  When we visit his grave we take some flowers and polish it. My nana said he would be very proud of me!"

 Darius' Culture

"I was born in New Zealand and I am a New Zealand Maori. My mummy was born in New Zealand and she is a Maori and my daddy is Niuean. We speak English at home. My grand parents speak Maori. On Sundays I go to church with my whole family. We get to sing songs and dance. My Aunty Mary comes over and teaches me how to cook.  After dinner on a Friday we always play a game or watch a movie!" 

 Riley's Culture

"I was born in New Zealand. My parents were born in New Zealand, my grandparents were born in Scotland, my granddad is a little bit Scottish.  My grandma is a bit English, she knows every word of English.  I have met my grandma's grandma, she's really old.  I have also seen my granddads grand dad, and he is not that good at listening and he is even older.  This is copy of my family Tartan. The Tartan in my family is really important, there is a picture with my granddad and my dad wearing something that looks like a skirt, but it isn't a skirt.  It is called a 'Kilt' made from the fabric of our family tartan.  We celebrate Christmas and birthdays.  I have a 'McIntyre Shield - family crest'. Each leaf is a person from my family.

Sophie's Culture
Caption to come :)


  1. You know, I really really enjoyed this post. Learning a little about each person, and their culture was fascinating. What an awesome topic to explore.

    1. Room 15 has just loved this topic! They're all so proud of their culture, and have enjoyed learning even more about their family history and traditions.