Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Social Studies - What is your Culture?

This term we are learning about the families, cultures and ethnicities at Reremoana School. The whole school will be exploring this topic for the first few weeks of school. After that each class will be given one "culture" or country to learn about further. We will celebrate out learning together in Term 4 in the form of a whole-school production. 

Here's a little bit of information about Miss Chalmers' culture. Reading it might give you some ideas about the conversations you could have with your family about what's important to you. 

To me culture is all about family and traditions. My parents and my Grandparents come from New Zealand. We are Pakeha, New Zealand European. A long, long time ago, my ancestors  moved from Scotland to New Zealand. 

When I was 18 years old I travelled around Europe. I went to Scotland and found this book which tells me all about my family's history in Scotland.

This is a picture of me and my little family. Grace had just turned one and we were celebrating with our family and friends. Gracie's Daddy, David, comes from a country called Cambodia. When he was a baby, his mum had to leave their country and come to New Zealand because there was a big war happening. Remember how I said I was New Zealand European? Well, that makes Gracie half Cambodian and half Pakeha. But I usually just tell people she's Cambodian. 

This is the Cambodian flag. The Cambodian culture is very important in our family. David's mum (Gracie's "Ma") makes us lots of yummy Cambodian and Chinese food (they're half Chinese too). Gracie's Ma also teaches her how to speak Khmer, the Cambodian language. I can speak a little bit too, but not much. 

This week you have been asked to bring an item into school that tells us something about your culture. This is a photo of my special item. It's a locket that my Grandma gave me when I was a little girl. She lived in Wellington, which seemed very far away when I was young. She always told me that whenever I looked at the moon, I could know that she was looking too. That has become a special tradition in my family. Gracie and I talk about the moon every night before bed. We pretend we're going to go there on a rocket ship that we're going to get from NASA. 

Please note: while it is important that you bring your item to school before Friday (we will be doing lots of activities around it) please don't bring anything too precious into school. While we will take the utmost care with our items, I would hate for anything too special to go missing. 

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