Thursday, 3 July 2014

Term 2 Science Topic - The Living World (plants)

In Room 15 we have been learning all about plants. We know about the life cycle of plants, we know about the parts of a plant, we know about the things plants need to survive. We know all of this...yet we can't seem to grow one single plant! We have planted three different types of seeds, but none of them have grown yet.

Ms Fothergill sent us a really cool picture of a tuber that her parents dug up in their garden. We know that Ms Fothergill's mum (Mrs Fothergill) is a really good gardener - we know that because Ms Fothergill showed us photos of her parent's amazing garden.

Mrs Fothergill's (Ms Fothergill's mum, that is!) heart-shaped tuber 

We have written a letter to Mrs Fothergill asking for her expert advice on how to help our plants grow. Parents and readers - if you have any advice on gardening, we would really appreciate your help, too!

Dear Mrs Fothergill,

Hi, we are Room 15 from Reremoana School. We have been learning about plants. We have planted three types of seeds - two by ourselves, and one when we visited the Botanical Gardens. We planted Manuka, Renga Renga Lily, peas, and pumpkin seeds that a boy in our class bought to school. We have a problem though - they're not really growing! We have tried everything. We know that Ms Fothergill is your daughter. She told us that you are an expert gardener. She showed us your website. We looked at the brilliant movie about your garden. We also saw your fruit trees, vegetables and pretty flowers. Ms Fothergill also showed us the heart-shaped tuber that you dug up out of your garden. The tuber looked cool because it looked like a love heart. Why do you think it was pink and shaped like that? What did you do with your tuber? Did you turn it into mashed potato? We don't really understand what tubers are yet. Can you tell us some more information about them?

We learnt that seeds need light to grow. They also need water and space. Our problem is that none of our seeds seem to grow! Some of our seeds have tiny sprouts, but lots aren't growing at all. We'd really like you to help us. Can you give us some advice on how to make our plants grow?

Thank you for helping us. We can't wait for you to write back. 

Room 15


  1. Hello everyone in Room 15.
    You know how you don't like the cold? Well, neither do plants! You will have much more luck growing your seeds in spring when the days are longer too and they can get more light. After the holidays I will send you some ideas.

    Happy holidays!

    Mrs Fothergill

  2. Wow, good use of the expert, Room 15! I know my Mum will be able to help you. I always ask her for garden and growing advice, and so do lots of other people!

  3. Wow Room 15, what a great idea to write a letter to an expert to find out a solution! I hope your plants started growing over the holidays it would be great to see even more native plants at Reremoana School. Keep up the good work -Miss Henderson