Monday, 11 August 2014

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) - Part 2

Room 15 has a new visitor. Have you heard about him? He's a very hoppy kind of fellow. And he just loooooves carrots. His name is Respectful Rabbit! (calling him a puppet would just make him sad)

Respectful Rabbit has been helping our class learn about all the different ways we can Be Respectful at school. We know that it is important to respect ourselves, others and the environment. This is all part of Reremoana's new Positive Behaviour for Learning Programme (PB4L). It is important that we all work at keeping our school a safe and happy place. 

Check out the ideas that we shared in a brainstorm today:

Stay tuned. Respectful Rabbit might be making an appearance on the blog sometime soon!


  1. Learning to be respectful is a very important thing, and I'm glad to see Room 15 taking it to heart. There are a lot of great comments in the brainstorm diagram and I'm sure Respectful Rabbit would agree too! Well done Room 15!

  2. Hi Room 15, firstly I love your new header, what a good looking class. Also your fridge magnets are a good reminder to me to keep checking back on what you are learning. I really like your B - Be respectful, and respectful rabbit. Miss H

  3. I especially like the comment about being good winners AND good losers. My little grandson wouldn't finish playing snakes and ladders with me last time we played because he wasn't winning.

    1. nanny what cousin was it let me guess it was caleb.

    2. Well, I hope you're a good winner and a good loser when playing with Nanny Elisa - we wouldn't want her to tell us any different on the blog! :)

  4. These are all great comments Room 15 well done. Mrs G