Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Squares Math Group (using ten)

"Parent talk"
The Squares group are beginning to work on Stage 5 addition and subtraction strategies. Stage 5 means that children derive answers from known basic facts. The key concept is that numbers are abstract units that can be partitioned, or broken apart e.g. 8+7 as 8+8+1 (doubles) or 8+7 as 10+5 (making tens). As children begin to master these strategies they will begin to work on more complex equations such as 43+25 as (40+20) + (3+5) (place value) or 39+26 as 40+25 (rounding and compensating).

National Standards:
Stage 4 by the end of the second year at school (usually around 6th birthday)
Beginning Stage 5 by the end of the third year at school (usually around 7th birthday)

Today The Sqaures group used the "Showme" app on the ipad to demonstrate some of the tricky strategies they have been learning about in math group recently. We have been learning about using our knowledge of "making ten" to solve different types of equations.

Callum, Darius and Kayne show how they add three or more numbers together using their knowledge of making ten.

Keelyn, Jocelyn and Kyra show how they solve equations by turning one number into a "tidy ten".

Just like when we used this app with The Triangles (here) the children were a bit shy to start with. Please remember to leave a positive and encouraging comment when you've finished watching out videos :)




  1. I wish I had been taught these strategies when I was your age. Maybe math would have been easier for me then. You all do a great job talking through the problems and showing your working.

  2. Nice work Jocelyn for getting your 5 around the right way! :-)
    Love Jasmine xo

    1. Hi Jasmine! I'm sure Jocelyn will love reading your comment. What a great big sister you are!

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