Saturday, 20 September 2014

Room 15 Speeches and Poetry Recital Finalists

This term has been very busy, with lots of learning experiences occurring both in the classroom and across the wider school. Two highlights this term were definitely the Year 2 Poetry Recitals and the Year 3 Speeches. 

Everyone in Room 15 tried hard and presented their poem or speech to the whole class. The following children were chosen to take part in the finals of each competition. Just like our school song says - "We basically have an opportunity in every day". Well done to these children for taking up those opportunities and performing so well. 

Jaime - First Place, Year 3 Speeches (Tui and Pukeko Competition)
Kayne - Second Place, Year 3 Speeches (Tui and Pukeko Competition)
Elisa - Master of Ceremonies, Year 3 Speeches

Keira - Second Place, Year 2 Poetry Recitation (Kiwi and Pukeko Competition)
Spencer - Highly Commended, Year 2 Poetry Recitation (Kiwi and Pukeko Competition) 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Congratulations to our latest certificate winners - Sophie, Brayden, Spencer, Darius and Jaime. 

This week we have been focussing on what "discerning" looks like. This is a very tricky concept to understand at only 6 and 7 years old. In Room 15 we talk about discerning as considering our choices and choosing to make the right one. 

Brayden, Jaime and Darius all got certificates for "discerning". They make sure they make the right choices, even when they think Miss Chalmers isn't watching!

Spencer got a certificate for collaborating. He always tries to help others.

Sophie got a certificate for persevering with her math testing, even when it got really, really, really tricky!

If you look really closely, you might notice that some of the children are holding "fake certificates" because silly Miss Chalmers forgot to take the photo before they took them home! Oh dear!

Cat and Fish Art

Have you seen Room 15's new display? We created fish inspired from the book "Cat and Fish" by Neil Curtis. With this art we learned how to create different effects using only black and white. We used different lines to colour in the fish. We also learned how to use space on the page - in this case, the bigger the better! This was our most technical and difficult piece of art so far this year. Even though we all followed the same kind of design, each fish has it's own character and special features. Check them out below!
Cat and Fish Display
Based on this book....

(Hannah's art is still getting it's final touches. To be on display later this week)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Room 15's New Student

Welcome to our new student, Eashwar! 
Eashwar has moved all the way from Blockhouse Bay Primary. So far we have found out that he loves writing and drawing. We hope you had a great first day Eashwar, and we welcome you and your family to Reremoana School. 

Parents and Families - Please Fill in this Survey (re. Health and PE)

Hi parents and families,

Reremoana School is currently conducting community consultation regarding Health and PE programmes. We would really appreciate you taking a moment to fill in the survey below:

Community Consultation Health and PE Survey - CLICK HERE

Thank you in advance for your time and support,
Helen Chalmers

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

If your child said there was no homework this week, they weren't tricking! I apologise for the late notice but there will be homework this week. Unfortunately, I am experiencing technical difficulties with a completely dead computer!

I'm sorry for any disruption caused to after-school routines.

Helen Chalmers