Sunday, 26 October 2014

Homefun - Week 3, Term 4

I hope you're enjoying your long weekend everyone!

This is just a post to let you know that the Math Madness online learning games are up for this week ------>

....and so is your weekly writing task, over on the Writing Wizards section

I also have a BIG FAVOUR to ask of the parents and caregivers in our class. In the coming weeks Room 15 will be making Rock Fish, an activity which links nicely to a book we have been reading lately. To make these Rock Fish , I will be buying some paint test pots from Resene.

On the back of Pak n Save receipts there are often 2 for 1 coupons for paint test pots from Resene. If you shop at Pak n Save would you please mind checking the back of your receipts and sending the coupons into school? The more I can get, the more colours the children will have to choose from to make their Rock Fish :)

Thanks for all your support, families!
Helen Chalmers

Monday, 20 October 2014

Our OUCH Stories!

Ouch! Room 15 have been in the wars this week! We wrote and published recounts about a time when we really hurt ourselves. This week we have focused on using different sentence starters, like in the picture below.

Our stories are now displayed on the WRITE ON wall in our class. Why not pop in to check them out? If not, you can read all of our "OUCH Stories" in the video below. Happy reading!

(Note: Be sure to view in full screen to see the whole page and click on each story to zoom in)

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The Discovery of Freddy the Frog

Something very exciting happened in Room 15 today. I was busy pottering away in the classroom at lunch time when Keelyn came racing over. She knocked on the window and motioned for me to come quickly! She said "Quick, Miss Chalmers! We found a frog! Bring your camera!" We both ran as fast we could. Over in the flax bushes outside the office, we found the most extraordinary frog. It was beautiful! Keelyn, Jaime, Samantha and Keira write about finding the frog while they were outside telling stories together. They typed their recounts up themselves (although Miss Chalmers did edit for spelling and punctuation) for you all to read.

We were telling stories when I said "Look! A frog!" we glared at it. I raced to Mrs Bailey. "Is it a frog?" Mrs Bailey asked. "Don't touch it, it could be poisonous" she told us. I called it Freddy. He's cute. - By Jaime

While Jaime was getting Mrs Bailey, I said to Keira "Sound the Frog Alarm!!!!". Keira was funny saying "Neenoo, neenooo". After that we stared at the frog. It was really creepy. At first we did not think it was real. We thought it might be fake. But then we saw it blink and breathe. We were really excited. When Miss Chalmers reached us, she took lots of photos. - By Samantha

As quick as a flash, I rushed to Miss Chalmers. I said "Miss Chalmers, I need you QUICK!". She said "I'm a little bit busy, but okay". We rushed to the office so she could take some photos. We all call the frog Freddy. Just then the music started playing and we had to go back to Room 15 - By Keelyn

Riiiiibet! The Froggy (Freddy) looked fragile and very delicate. His skin looked like a light dirty green colour. Oooh my gosh, I found out that his skin could be poisonous! I think this frog might be very rare. I wonder how it got there? "It looks like a swamp frog" said Jaime. Riiiiiibet! It sounded so creepy. Freddy is really odd. - By Keira

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Homefun, Week 1, Term 4

...a few days early if you are reading this in the holidays :)

Welcome back to school, Room 15! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday break and are ready to get back into school-mode. On your Homefun sheet this week you will have noticed that some of your tasks need to be completed using our classroom blog.

Every second week I will post an online Math learning game for each group. Week 1 games are now up over on the "Math Madness" section.

Last term I was so excited when some of you would type up your Homefun stories on the blog each week. I'm sure many of the people who follow our blog will have loved reading them too. This term I hope a few more of you will begin sharing your stories on our blog, too. Your writing task for Week 1 is over on the "Writing Wizards" section.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Toilet Paper Roll Creations

(children - keep reading to the bottom of the post, then write me a comment about how your holidays are going)

Ever wonder what happened to all those toilet paper rolls stacking up in Room 15? We made toilet paper roll creations! The children had been looking forward to this activity for weeks, and the experience didn't disappoint. The children had very little input from Miss Chalmers; they had to design and create their creature all on their own!

Why not check out the link below, get your creative juices flowing, and create some more toilet paper creatures in the second week of the holidays?

51 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - CLICK HERE

Things we learned through this activity:

  • How to research different designs
  • How draw a design with labels and captions
  • How to "think outside the box" and get creative!
  • How to use a hot glue gun
  • How to judge the size of paper needed (using trial and error)
  • How to persevere when things don't go right the first time

How are your holidays going anyway, children? Why not write me a comment below about some of the things you've been up to? I'll be sure to write you a reply! (Don't forget to think about your writing - make sure you include lots of details, check your spelling and punctuation, and try using time connectives)