Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Homefun, Week 1, Term 4

...a few days early if you are reading this in the holidays :)

Welcome back to school, Room 15! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday break and are ready to get back into school-mode. On your Homefun sheet this week you will have noticed that some of your tasks need to be completed using our classroom blog.

Every second week I will post an online Math learning game for each group. Week 1 games are now up over on the "Math Madness" section.

Last term I was so excited when some of you would type up your Homefun stories on the blog each week. I'm sure many of the people who follow our blog will have loved reading them too. This term I hope a few more of you will begin sharing your stories on our blog, too. Your writing task for Week 1 is over on the "Writing Wizards" section.


  1. Hi Miss Chalmers. Did you get my holiday story that I wrote on the blog? I can't see it anywhere.